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Disease Pathogen or Germ? How You Catch a Disease

Diseases of Honeybees

Disease and Immunization

Disease and the Immune System


Disease and Infection Control

How Our Bodies Defend against Disease

Evolution and Ecology of Pathogens in Disease

Bio-Defense against Disease

Immunosuppressants – Agents That Affect Immune Response

Disease and Incubation Time

The Human Immune System

Blood-Borne Pathogens

Animal Defenses against Diseases

How Cells Function During a Disease

Disease and Human Health


Diseases Caused By Bacteria and Viruses

Disease Cellular Biology

Autoimmune Diseases

Population Biology and Disease

Biological Effects of Radiation Disease

Introduction to Stem Cells: Lecture and Disease

Animal Diseases


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The Disease Project

During the disease unit in science .... Lang Arts, Science, and Social Studies
classrooms teamed up for The Disease Project

Science (research a disease; identify symptoms, ways to reduce risks)
LangArts (write a poem about the selected disease)
Social Studies (identify places in the world where the disease exists)

Putting it all together -
Students created a poster that listed symptoms, ways to reduce risk,
poem, and areas of the world where their disease is found.

Have students present their project in science.

Post finished work
in the hall rather than the classroom.

This worked extremely well
and gave the kids 3 grades for 1 project

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